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Thank You for Choosing us.

Your payment is successful. Payment receipt has been already sent to you on mail. We will connect you shortly for your need.


Its all depend on you, as you have paid for advance booking for annual sale discount, now you can ask us anytime before 31st March 2023 to start working. 

It is as simple as to setup a meeting for detailed discussion and make the balance payment.

Anytime before 31st March 2023

Missing the payment deadline means your work not been started and new financial year started from 1st April. In such case we can give you a buffer period to make the payment and enjoy the discounted pricing, but for the same you have to ask us before 31st March and the acceptance of your request is a sole desecration of CCS management. 

One year starting from the balance payment after booking amount.

Yes. Development and Testing time is included in one year plan.

YEs you can do anytime. We will provide you the site backup (ZIP File). and the same you can host anywhere you like. 

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