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Put your money where your mouth is.

We are Digital Experts ready to take your company to new heights.

You have an Idea, Startup or running a established business, we can turn it into a successful business or brand.

We Design, Develop and Advertise to create your presence in the virtual world of Digital Ecosystem.
We create and manage e-Commerce solutions from scratch to hatch and support you to turn your idea into business or brand. 

Website Designing, Development & Management

With the market evolving rapidly, just an offline presence of your business is not enough. CCS can not only be your virtual office space designer and developer but we can also catalyze it in the virtual world.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing seems easy but it demands not only knowledge of digital tools but also an experience of the real world of marketing. Mix of these skills and experience resonate with your audience and place your brand effectively. 

E-Commerce Development & Management

With the increasing online transition in the world, we at CCS design, develop and manage your personal E-Commerce store concentrating on increased sales and brand visibility of your industry.

Content Creation : Visual & Textual

Content is an ultimate business methodology which communicates with the customer by creating valuable experiences tailored to them. CCS has in-house team for  Photo, Video, Graphic, Animation and Text content creation.

Customised Application Development

One tool cannot be a solution for everything and not all tools are required for a solution. CCS offers experienced and skilled support as Tech Partner in developing your innovative idea or a customized solution for any in house process.

Branding and Advertising

From Brand positioning to brand building, from creating logo to developing and installing signages, from developing a single AD to developing a campaign, CCS has got the whole arena covered for you. 

Office Automation

Multiple tools are available in the market but who will tell you which to choose and which to ignore? CCS not only helps you to select technologies as per your requirement but also to customize and manage your operations for optimization.

Business Consultancy

Starting, diverting, scaling or venturing can be a need of any business at some point of time. The experience and knowledge of CCS with an array of professionals strengthens you in your business journey. 

What makes us different

What We Do

What makes us different ?

One-Place for all your needs

Any business has various verticals and functions to run in the market like a human body. To walk effectively and efficiently, all nodes should work in full throttle as well as in sync with each other.  We understand this matrix and we provide solution for the same. CCS offers all the required services synchronized under one umbrella so the process becomes economically effective.

Automation, Development, Innovation, Back office solution and support, Branding or Rebranding your Business needs a holistic solution backed with research and experience of partners, this knowledge and understanding makes us niche in the current marketplace.

IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Stuck with your development ? Want to shape your idea ? Need a long time tech partner or short time time tech support ?

Marketing consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Not sure about your marketing strategy ? Is the current marketing mix not delivering desired results? You need an optimized solution matrix for SMART goals ...

Free Consultation

We have a pool of experienced professionals from various market segments and industries to guide you in your journey of ideation, execution, establishment, scaling, extension, research, innovation, development, knowledge sharing or just to hear out the hyperactive thoughts running through your mind.

Branding Consultancy

Branding Consultancy

Brand is what we are, Branding is what we speak and its success comes from how it has been perceived. Solution driven guidance is what a business needs...


Legal Consultancy

Most ignored but most important block that binds businesses together. Specialized and structured solution for all your known and unknown legal requirements...

Creative Consultancy

Creative Consultancy

Creativity is a tool to touch human senses. Correct mix of innovation and creativity is what any communication needs to achieve desired goals.

360° Business Consultancy

Turning Ideas into something amazing

You think you have a cracking idea and you believe in that!

We are here to listen to you and are happy to extend our hand to work together so that we can turn it into an amazing business of yours.

We call them 'PostAds'

We create impressive graphics which are especially designed to create an impactful digital existence through social media posts. We deliver the power of increased engagement. 

Designs and Production

We produce quality content for your brand. From marketing collaterals to video production, everything is crafted by well-experienced professionals to achieve the best results.

Advertising and Marketing

Your content needs to reach the right set of audiences. We ensure that it happens effectively and consistently to achieve brand loyal consumers for your brand.

E-Commerce & Web Development

The transition from ‘Offline’ to ‘Online’ world has increased rapidly in the past few years. In order to withstand this change and survive in the market amongst the increasing competitors and achieve the desired results from the market, establishing an e-commerce store or website plays a major role. There’s much more to it, tap the button below.

Who Choose Us

Latest Project

CCS has recently signed an MOU with Hyderabad based, INR 50 million, startup “Feepad” in the capacity of IT Consultant. We are also providing tech partnership thorough our partnering company; “Triad Tech” for customized application development and management.

CCS as IT Consultant

"FeePad" engaged CCS as a consultant to finalize required Tech Partner.

Triad Tech as Tech Partner

"Triad Tech" is a partnering company with CCS

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